Welcome Back from Winter Break!

Welcome Back

I would like to welcome everyone back from the Christmas holidays.  I hope everyone enjoyed their break and I know we are all ready to continue with our outstanding school year!  I would like to thank our parents for being involved in their child’s education and for supporting our teachers.   It is an honor to serve the students and parents of this community and to partner with you to provide the best education possible for your child.

 I would like to review how we will continue with our outstanding school year.  We will continue to educate and inspire everyone to achieve excellence and prepare all students for college if they choose to attend.  We will continue to raise our expectations as students continue to meet their goals.  We will continue to believe in every student and our teachers will continue to plan, prepare, and teach rigorous and relevant lessons.  We will continue to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where we challenge our students and provide clear expectations.  We will continue to teach our students to never give up and to develop determination and grit so they will be successful in school and in life.  We will continue to build on our tremendous success! 

I would like to thank our Nettie Marshall staff for what they do every day of the school year.  I am so proud to work and serve with such a wonderful and committed staff and I am so thankful for each of our staff members! 


Welcome Back Everyone!


Bradley P. Durham

Nettie Marshall Principal